Saturday 31 May 2014

Top 100

This is the 100th post on this blog so it seems appropriate to list (in no particular order) some of our favourite things to see, do and experience in and around the Val d'Anniviers

Things to see: 

Black-nosed sheep, gentians and edelweiss.
  • Patch of gentians
  • Black-nosed sheep
  • Ptarmigan
  • Edelweiss
  • Sunset on the Besso
  • Crocus poking up through the snow as spring arrives
  • Meadows of summer flowers
  • Marmotts running across the fields
  • Ibex on the cliffs
  • Waterfalls beyond Zinal in spring
  • Golden Eagles
Walking routes:
Tour lac de Moiry, Lac Noir and up to Cabane d'Arpitettaz
  • Up to Cabane d'Arpitettaz 
  • Wiesshorn hotel to Zinal
  • From top of Sorebois lift to Cabane Petit Mountet 
  • Tour lac de Moiry
  • Bisse walk in Vercorin
  • Descent of Vallon de Rechy
  • Crete de Midi
  • Up to Cabane Grand Mountet
  • From Bendolla south to the dam
  • Chandolin along the cliffs
  • Lac noir above St Luc
Best events:
Feeries Christmas Market, Sierre-Zinal race
  • 1st August fireworks in Zinal
  • Feeries Christmas market Grimentz
  • Friday markets in August Grimentz
  • Sierre Zinal mountain marathon
  • Vercorin jazz festival
  • Grimentz three day classical music festival 
  • Marche des Cepages, wine and walking tour though the vin-yards
  • Desalps
  • Grand Raid – Verbier to Grimentz mountain bike race 
Food & Wine:
Locally cured sausages, home-made redcurrant jelly
  • Fresh serac cheese from the alpine diary
  • Vin de glacier from Bourgeois Grimentz
  • Myrtle tart at Hotel Wiesshorn
  • Wild alpine strawberries 
  • Multi-grain bread from Salamin bakery
  • Local cured dried sausages
  • Redcurrant jelly made from the wild berries around the house
  • Glass of white wine from the caves of Sierre
Favorite pistes to ski:
Illhorn red piste, Chandolin
  • Chamois, Zinal
  • Pas de Beouf to Prillet, St Luc
  • Vercorin blue, from top station to the village
  • Blue from Grands Plans chair past Etable du Marais, Grimentz
  • Illhorn red piste, Chandolin
Things to do and visit:
Grimentz old town, moon light walk in winter, Hotel Weisshorn
  • Histoic house, Zinal
  • Walk through Zinal old town
  • Centre of Grimentz
  • Moon light walk in winter
  • Sleep out under the stars on a summer's night
  • Visit old flour mill in Grimentz
  • See cheese being made in the mountain dairies
  • Star gaze from the St Luc observatory
  • Visit hotel Weisshorn – even better stay overnight
  • Visit Tzoucdana cafe and see the farm animals
  • Overnight in a mountain hut 
  • Via ferrata below Moiry dam
  • Snow shoe to the snout of the Zinal glacier and discover the ice-cave
Best off piste:
Down to the dam
  • Down to the dam from Zinal
  • Orzival
  • Vallon de Rechy
  • Variants around Chamois
  • Off back of St Luc into Turtmann valley
  • Zinal free-ride zone
  • Vercorin trees
  • Lona
  • Pylon route 
  • Middle bowl, Zinal
  • Abondance
  • Trees to Chiesso Blanc
Views to see:
Weisshorn, glaciers above Grand Mountet, sunset from Tracuit
  • Sunset from Cabane Tracuit
  • Top of Ilhorn over Rhone valley
  • Col des Arpettes into Turtmann valley
  • Glaciers from Cabane du Grand Mountet 
  • Besso from Lac d'Arpitettaz
  • Glaciers from Cabane du Moiry
  • From Niouc the 'Imperial Crown'
  • Weisshorn from bridge above Zinal 
  • South from Barneuza
  • South into Vallon de Rechy from top of Vercorin
Day ski-tours:
Basset de Levron, Bec de Bosson, Col du Pigne
  • Tourno, St Luc
  • Basset de Lona, Grimentz
  • Cabane d'Arpittetta and on to Glacier de Moming
  • Basset de Levron, Grimentz
  • Off back Grimentz and over to Nax
  • Glacier de Moiry and Col du Pigne
  • Off back of Bella Tola

Favourite time of year:

Autumn colours, Zinal
  • January – low sun and wonderful light
  • February – early on, good snow and no people
  • March – warmer and longer ski days
  • April – spring snow
  • May – crocuses appear through the melting snow
  • June – meadows around the house are full of flowers
  • July – higher alpine meadows come into flower
  • August – lots of music and other events in all the villages
  • September – warm days, no people and great walking
  • October – larches turn golden and first snow on the peaks
  • November – Zinal opens for weekend skiing
  • December – Feeries market in Grimentz

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