Thursday 19 July 2012

Lakes and Mountians

The Val d'Anniviers is dotted with lakes - from the enormous man-made Lac de Moiry, to small pools that evaporate as the summer goes on, either way they make for great lunch spots on a walk.

This week we walked to a new lake - Le Louche - at 2567m it's the upper level of the Vallon de Rechy, a hanging valley high above the Rhone. Le Louche lake feeds La Reche river that cascades down then meanders across marshy plateaus in a series of distinct steps until it reaches Rechy in the main valley at 524m. This wild valley is worth exploring in summer (as well as on skis in winter), on our walk we saw eagles, chamois and marmots and in autumn it's a favourite haunt for deer.

Here are a few of the other lakes in the Val d'Anniviers that are great to walk to...