Thursday 31 January 2013

Bygone days...

The renovations of Le Mazot continue with our new front door now fitted, the bathroom semi underway and the kitchen standing in the corner still in it's boxes. However, we've been using it and have already had a week sleeping over there.

As we work on the old building, it is hard to ignore just what it must have been like 100 or more years ago. Recently I came across some wonderful old photos ( of Mottec showing just how rough and ready it was...

One thing that is striking is just how many more trees there are today - no need to chop them down to build and heat your house with.

Old road to Zinal - you can see Le Mazot in its original location over in the far meadows.

The centre of Mottec - the old chapel is now renovated
Looking down on Mottec