Wednesday 27 April 2011

Imperial Haute Route

Finally, nearly four years after arriving here, we've done the classic tour of the valley including an ascent of the 4153m Bishorn. It's probably not the first time this peak has been climbed by people with blisters covering more than fifty per cent of the surface of their feet, but full marks to Anthony and Axel for an impressive display of mental fortitude. Arse-of-the-tour award for skiing the best pitch of powder with one skin still attached - doh! - goes to Eric.  And everyone in the group gets a medal for days one and four which involved a lot more walking than normal due to thin snow conditions. Thanks to chief guide Graham Frost and to Mark Walker for getting us to the top of the correct mountain and keeping us in such good spirits.

Saturday 2 April 2011

Rosenhorn - heil ski touring from Meiringen

A quick trip up the Rosenhorn (3689m) and then a ski down the Rosenlaui glacier: amazing views of the Eiger from the east, looking much slimmer than it does from the north. A chilly start to the day, though we might have been trembling for other reasons along the summit ridge. The ski down was in spring conditions and then super-warm slush at the bottom though we easily skied to the door of the lovely Hotel Rosenlaui where they helpfully dispense drinks to thirsty ski tourists even though they're not yet open at this time of year; they even go and get your car from wherever you parked it when running late for the heli, if you ask nicely. Thanks to Christian Willi our guide and to Christine and Ueli from Haslital Tourism for joining us for this great ski day.