Monday, 10 September 2012

Mottec fete 2012

The chapel dates from 1774
In 2008 we got involved in the first fete to raise money for a new roof for the St Laurent - the hamlet's second chapel. Four years on and the whole chapel has been completely renovated. Not just the leaking tin roof, but the damp walls and rotting plaster have all been repaired.
The fete took place in the centre of Mottec in front of the hamlet's other chapel
This weekend the second fete was held to help pay for it all. The two day event started with an official chapel opening complete with benediction, and went on to include lots of wine, music (everything from folk to karaoke), raffle draws and food. Hundred of people came  -  the total raised is still to be announced, but in 2008 the fete made chf 12, 400...

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