Tuesday 27 July 2010

New Moiry Hut


Last weekend was the official opening of the Cabane de Moiry extension. The footpath up from the end of the reservoir was packed with walkers of all ages. The route takes just over an hour and climbs 600m, and while some carry on across the glacier to the surrounding peaks, the hut itself makes a wonderful half way point for an easy day out. 

It was built in 1924 and after nearly 90 years it's had a CHF 5.8 million make-over. The original building remains and a copper coated rectangular extension has been added to the south. Improvements include a new kitchen, a fantastic dining hall - lined with panoramic windows that overlook the glacier - more sleeping quarters and flush toilets, cunningly engineered to reduce their impact on the environment and on the people who use them (just smell the old ones from forty paces and you'll know what I mean).

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